Why More Translation Companies Should Invest in Digital Marketing

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Many translation companies have embraced digital marketing.  I can see this in my inbox and my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.  But there are many translation companies that have yet to do so and I’m writing this post to nudge you into doing so.

Although I embraced certain aspects of digital marketing, namely LinkedIn and Twitter (a website goes without saying), I was skeptical about the business uses of others such as Facebook and Instagram.  I felt Facebook was the reserve of personal friends.  I changed my mind when a few industry colleagues said they were offended that I hadn’t accepted their requests.  My beliefs have done a 180 degree turn.  I have come to embrace digital (inbound) marketing and social selling and believe you should too.

Why You Should Adopt or Beef Up Your Digital Marketing

  1.  It’s crucial that you make it easy for customers to find you.  You must be where your customers will look for you. More times than not, buyers of translation services (be they other LSPs or end customers) look online for alternatives.  Many start with Google searches.  Others search on LinkedIn or, more recently, Facebook.  If you have no presence or a poor presence/profile on any of these media, you’re likely not going to make the list of vendors they contact.  Why?
  2. Your competitors may have a great and very active online presence.  I can think of a significant number of LSPs that have great websites with great landing pages/calls to action, amazing LinkedIn/Facebook profiles, are prolific  bloggers and share information.  If I were to choose, I would lean towards the ones who tell me more about themselves and provide easily accessible information that helps me do my job.  Have you looked at what your competitors are doing in the digital arena?  Might be worth a look.
  3. You get access to buyers anywhere.  Digital marketing enables you to access previously in accessible markets and customers.  You aren’t relegated to customers who are only in your home market.  Competition is coming from everywhere on the planet now, which is even a greater incentive to adopt a digital marketing strategy.
  4.  You’re able to “punch above your weight”.  The internet is the great equaliser.  Some of my customers are very small LSPs, yet they come across as far larger companies simply because of how they portray themselves on social media.  They are smart, knowledgeable people who demonstrate their expertise and/or specialisations in a very compelling way and just as well, if not better, than the big boys.
  5. You get a lot of “bang for your buck”!  This is especially important for smaller LSPs with small marketing budgets.  You can have an online presence for a lot less money than traditional marketing.  Since many smaller LSPs don’t have a sales person, let alone a sales team, a strong online presence is essential for making prospective customers aware of your services.  There is a time investment for sure.  Starting small and doing it well is better than trying to do everything at once.  Pick one platform, the one that the majority of your customers use, and do it well.  Do what is manageable (it’s easy to underestimate this.  (I learned this lesson the hard way.)   You can expand from there in due course.  Also remember that all of this is a constant work in progress.

A Few Other Thoughts

It’s really important to target your digital marketing.  Trying to be all things to all people will dilute your message and render the investment useless.  Pick the industry(s)/people/businesses you want to win build your strategy to attract them.

From what I’ve seen, digital marketing works very well for LSP to LSP sales & marketing.  These platforms serve as a bridge across timezones and geographies and enable communication that otherwise would not happen (or at least would be more difficult).  You get a better sense of a person/company, because digital marketing can bring potential partners to life in a way an email simply can’t.  Don’t make the mistake I did by underestimating the power of digital marketing.  Mine is a journey that is very much in progress, but a lot more defined and refined than it once was (stay tuned on that front!).  Aside from all that, it’s really kind of fun!


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