Selling Skills for Language Industry Newcomers

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This course was created for sales professionals who new to the language industry and want to get a head start to understanding the nuances of selling this service and addressing some of the greatest challenges to selling translation services such as finding buyers of translation services, how to resonate with potential buyers, knowledge you need to make your revenue numbers, how to overcome initial customer resistance and objections, internal support that may be required during the sales process and how to nurture internal relationships to help win customers.

Crucial Information You Need to Know 

We work through exercises & discussion that will help you identify the strongest customer candidates to focus on for account growth:  industry trends, company trends, financial strength, maturity of the business, strength of your relationships in targeted customers, what kind of business you want to win and how much of that kind of business exists in each account growth candidate.  This process enables you to prioritise your customers and focusing on growing the ones with the greatest potential, better aligns you with customers and offers the least risk of failure.

How to Identify and Understand Different Translation Buyers

Based on the information gleaned in the account identification process we turn to mapping accounts based on several criteria to identify specific areas to focus on in the account based on existing relationships and how best to gain access to new areas of business.  We’ll examine the strength and influence of your contacts, uncover gaps and develop an action plan to leverage existing relationships and build new ones.

How to Engage Effectively with Translation Buyers

The next step is to develop your 12 month account growth plan. In this phase it is crucial to develop an understanding of how different people in organisations use and benefit from translations, so we can engage with other buyers with a personalised, meaningful approach.  We will map out customer relationships you can leverage to expand and deepen your reach within your customer using the information gathered in previous steps and consider create an action plan for how and when to contact new decision makers, taking into account company strategies and initiatives, new products, risks and opportunities.

Handling Customer Resistance and Competition

Managing time, client expectations and conflict are extremely important aspects of account growth activities and can have a direct impact on profitability.  We’ll examine best practices in each of these 3 areas through discussion and exercises.  We’ll also discuss how to manage profitability as the client moves up through the stages of account maturity, where pricing pressures tend to increase, and develop strategies for ensuring your margins are protected.  It’s also important to understand the competitive environment and how you stack up against your competition in terms of value.

Managing Internal Relationships and Drawing on Expertise within Your LSP

It is nearly impossible for a sales person to have all the technical, linguistic, process or industry knowledge to win business alone, especially strategic clients or complex projects.  It’s more important to know when to bring in subject matter experts to have peer-to-peer discussions with their counterparts within the customer’s organisation.  Therefore your relationship with project management, technical experts and department heads is extremely important.  We’ll use real-life customer situations and case studies to help you develop internal relationships with and learn from your colleagues and how to orchestrate appropriate teams to address customer requirements.

Dates: Tuesdays from 20 February – 20 March 2018

Time:  3:00 – 5:00 pm GMT, 10:00 – 12:00 EST US

Location:  Online

Price: £1025.00 or $1375.00

Registration & payment:  Please click here to register or inquire about the course.  Please indicate the course name and provide registrant details.  Bank transfer is preferred payment method.  Multi-participant discounts are available.  Please ask in your enquiry.

Payment is required on or before 6 February to secure your spot.

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